Sunday, May 24, 2015

I just dont get it

 It has been some time since I have written anything, but sometimes you just gotta get stuff off your chest. Since my last attempt, I have joined the ranks of the insured, and bought a truck. I really like the truck, but the Obama care, not so much. As it turns out, the monthly premium really is affordable. The co-pays, and prescription costs are killing me. Now I find that I have insurance that I can not afford to use. So I am back at square one, what do I do now? For instance, 5 yrs ago I had an accident, and had to have a plate and 9 screws put on my left ankle, and repeatedly asked the Dr then, would I ever have to have it removed? His answer was, that I should never have a problem from it, but it has been nothing but a problem. The average person knows nothing of pain, especially constant pain. And don't get me wrong, I know lots of people are in much worse shape than me, but that doesn't change anything. I saw another orthopaedic surgeon last week only to learn that the plate needs to come out. It's wasn't devastating news, I've known for a couple of years that something wasn't right. The devastating news is that my co-pay for the surgery is going to be around $3000.00, and since the only job I can find with my medical restrictions stemming from the plate, is a part time, 8.50 hr gig. It's kind of hard to come up with that amount on that wage. I know what you're thinking, but financing it is out of the question, remember the truck. So now what? I cant find another doctor that will say Dr #1 was at fault, because they're worse than lawyers when it comes to the brotherhood. I'm stuck like Chuck. My only hope is to hit the lottery, oh yeah, I cant afford to play. SO I keep plugging, hoping the zombie apocalypse comes soon. It's a crying shame what the politicians, and big business have turned this country into. When I was young, it was possible to "live the dream". Now I hope to wake up, and find out it has all been a dream. When will my fellow Americans finally get tired of the same old shit from a different person? What we really need to do, is elect a redneck. Forget Republican and Democrat, and go for the no nonsense, ass-whipping, down to earth, real person. Male, female, regardless of sex, they should be American and proud of it. No more comments about how we've been the bad guy in the past, or we need to mind our own business. If a foreign nation asks for help,we should not have to ante up for them, but, them for US. Shit, I pay taxes every week, but I don't get anything, but a meager return in February every year. Let me ask a question. Why is unemployment limited to $275.00 a week, no matter what you made? I always thought it was unemployment insurance, not a Medicare, or Food stamp subsidy. And what about our old folks? Should'nt they be able to enjoy their twilight years after working all their lives? What happened to US? I can't wait to turn 80. If you think you've known a pain in the ass, you obviously won't like me at that age. Oh, by the way, 5/25/2015 will be 29 years that I have been sober, and 6/3/2015 will be 26 years drug free. Yea for me, not a milestone but just another decision that seemed to work in my favor. Now I am not an AA Nazi, or an NA proponent, but I will tell you to do whatever it takes to find your serenity. I can look at the guy in the mirror every morning without regret for anything I've done. I did a lot of shit I am not proud of, but never did anything I'm ashamed of. If I could go back to change 1 thing in my life, it would be to save $$ every payday, because it really sucks to be 53 and broke. Rambling again,but it's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

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