Monday, March 4, 2013

If not now, when?

 I gotta tell you, I'm so sick of hearing both sides of the political argument. Nobody wants the economy to come back, more than I do, but it seems that both sides have devious, underlying agendas. When will Americans finally have enough, and say, "That's it"? There has never been a time that we needed someone to step in, and correct at least some of the problems, more than now. If I ran for office, I'd be run through the ringer, not unlike Herman Cain, and I have never done the vile, disgusting things, our elected officials do on a daily basis. Some of the worst crooks, and thieves in the world, are working, and taking more of our tax dollars, everyday. While honest, hardworking Americans, are struggling through the toughest times, since the Carter administration. Why should we pay for the congressional lunches, and lavish presidential dinners, when a large percentage of Americans have to eat in soup kitchens, or homeless shelters? What makes these people so much better than US? Education? I dont think so. Or at least you cannot tell by their actions. There is no reason, for there ever to be even a threat, of a Govt shutdown. What have they done with all the $$ I have paid in? If these Wall St guys are so smart, and the President has so much faith in them, why is'nt the economy on the rebound?? I'm an idiot from Alabama, and even I know that you can't spend, what you dont have. But, the majority of Americans are sheep, and just do what they're told, without question. And, I know some poeple say, "You just dont understand how it all works". But I do understand this. If I work my entire life, pay in what I owe, I should not suffer because someone in DC needs another boat, or another home on the lake. Just refund every penny I have paid in, and I will renounce my US citizenship. Then I will become a soverign nation unto myself, apply for foreign aid, and call my new country, Patslovokia. Everyone will pay in, and nobody will recieve a dime in adi, if they are'nt willing to work, at least a little. Hmmm. Maybe I'm onto something. OK. If you're found guilty of rape, child molestation, illegal use of a firearm, or any other heinous crime, you wont spend years in prison. Hangings at noon in the square, or a bullet. Your choice. Sounds crude, does'nt it. Yeah, it was only 125 years ago that those terms were aceptable. They even hung horse thieves, then. We, or somebody, has to get control, and head US in a new direction. That's what I thought "Change", and "Forward" meant. I guess I was sadly mistaken, again.

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