Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We could do so much more......

 I work for a non-profit in Daytona Beach,FL, that primarily caters to alcoholics and addicts. We house up to 80 clients at full capacity, and as bad as it sounds, it really is a community. Each person is expected to clean up after themself, and help staff keep it as clean as it can be. We, as a staff, are really proud of most everything, especially the building. Built in 1897 by a sea captain, it was a railroad and seafarers hotel for many years. Since then, it has been a flop house, crack house, whore house, and just about every other kind of house known to man. The current management took posession about 20 years ago, and it has been an uphill struggle to get it where it is today. I perform the maintenance on this 118 year old structure, and for all its faults, we're still in pretty good shape. I, myself was heavily involved in drugs in the 1980's, but May 26th was 29 years clean, and although you will never hear me say I am an addict,(I quit 29 yrs ago), I have as many problems as the people we provide oportunities for. People from all walks of life, all occupations and professions, all shapes and colors living under 1 roof. So for me to hear someone say, "It just does'nt work", I beg to differ. We are a shining example of what can be done with a little hard work, from a lot of different people, and we are not the only "sober house" in this area. But I think we are the best most affordable option, if someone really wants to change their life. That's the catch. The first step in the process is the individual's desire to improve their life. It's not an easy path, but the path is there. Along with as much support and assistance as humanly possible. Keep in mind that the homeless population in Daytona is well above the national average, even for some larger cities. Warm weather draws more and more people south in winter, only to find that FL really does'nt have many programs to help the indigent. As we are still considered a homeless shelter, we see and hear from at least 25 people daily needing assistance. That's just over 9000 people yearly, and sometimes it gets disheartening to turn them away. There are fees that a client is responsible for paying, and we have shared rooms and private rooms, 44 in all. Area churches come every night and provide an evening meal, but they can only do so much, as can we. Zero tolerance, random drug tests and breathalyzers, are included in the fees. Responsibility, and accepting why you are where you are is a big deal here. I made my share of stupid decisions, and look at me now. But for so many people, there is nowhere to turn. Why can't we take some of the abondoned buildings, schools, offices, anything, train these people into a workforce, and let them start living? Why do people have to sleep outside, or beg for money or scraps, when we are still the greatest country on earth? Somebody has to explain to me, why we can not do more. If you give a man or woman, the skills to better themselves, the vast majority will. There will always be the freeloaders, and neerdowells, but we should cut them off. If you don't work, you don't eat. That may sound harsh to some of you, but the truth is, in our society, there will never be a balance of classes, because people are inherintely greedy. Let's just do what we're capable of doing, and let the America I grew up in come back. We can be great again, after all, it's why every other nationality wanted to come here to begin with. America, stand up and tell our leaders that enough is enough. We don't really need a revolution to change things, just a clear head and new ideas, without profit being the motivating factor.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I just dont get it

 It has been some time since I have written anything, but sometimes you just gotta get stuff off your chest. Since my last attempt, I have joined the ranks of the insured, and bought a truck. I really like the truck, but the Obama care, not so much. As it turns out, the monthly premium really is affordable. The co-pays, and prescription costs are killing me. Now I find that I have insurance that I can not afford to use. So I am back at square one, what do I do now? For instance, 5 yrs ago I had an accident, and had to have a plate and 9 screws put on my left ankle, and repeatedly asked the Dr then, would I ever have to have it removed? His answer was, that I should never have a problem from it, but it has been nothing but a problem. The average person knows nothing of pain, especially constant pain. And don't get me wrong, I know lots of people are in much worse shape than me, but that doesn't change anything. I saw another orthopaedic surgeon last week only to learn that the plate needs to come out. It's wasn't devastating news, I've known for a couple of years that something wasn't right. The devastating news is that my co-pay for the surgery is going to be around $3000.00, and since the only job I can find with my medical restrictions stemming from the plate, is a part time, 8.50 hr gig. It's kind of hard to come up with that amount on that wage. I know what you're thinking, but financing it is out of the question, remember the truck. So now what? I cant find another doctor that will say Dr #1 was at fault, because they're worse than lawyers when it comes to the brotherhood. I'm stuck like Chuck. My only hope is to hit the lottery, oh yeah, I cant afford to play. SO I keep plugging, hoping the zombie apocalypse comes soon. It's a crying shame what the politicians, and big business have turned this country into. When I was young, it was possible to "live the dream". Now I hope to wake up, and find out it has all been a dream. When will my fellow Americans finally get tired of the same old shit from a different person? What we really need to do, is elect a redneck. Forget Republican and Democrat, and go for the no nonsense, ass-whipping, down to earth, real person. Male, female, regardless of sex, they should be American and proud of it. No more comments about how we've been the bad guy in the past, or we need to mind our own business. If a foreign nation asks for help,we should not have to ante up for them, but, them for US. Shit, I pay taxes every week, but I don't get anything, but a meager return in February every year. Let me ask a question. Why is unemployment limited to $275.00 a week, no matter what you made? I always thought it was unemployment insurance, not a Medicare, or Food stamp subsidy. And what about our old folks? Should'nt they be able to enjoy their twilight years after working all their lives? What happened to US? I can't wait to turn 80. If you think you've known a pain in the ass, you obviously won't like me at that age. Oh, by the way, 5/25/2015 will be 29 years that I have been sober, and 6/3/2015 will be 26 years drug free. Yea for me, not a milestone but just another decision that seemed to work in my favor. Now I am not an AA Nazi, or an NA proponent, but I will tell you to do whatever it takes to find your serenity. I can look at the guy in the mirror every morning without regret for anything I've done. I did a lot of shit I am not proud of, but never did anything I'm ashamed of. If I could go back to change 1 thing in my life, it would be to save $$ every payday, because it really sucks to be 53 and broke. Rambling again,but it's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

Monday, March 4, 2013

If not now, when?

 I gotta tell you, I'm so sick of hearing both sides of the political argument. Nobody wants the economy to come back, more than I do, but it seems that both sides have devious, underlying agendas. When will Americans finally have enough, and say, "That's it"? There has never been a time that we needed someone to step in, and correct at least some of the problems, more than now. If I ran for office, I'd be run through the ringer, not unlike Herman Cain, and I have never done the vile, disgusting things, our elected officials do on a daily basis. Some of the worst crooks, and thieves in the world, are working, and taking more of our tax dollars, everyday. While honest, hardworking Americans, are struggling through the toughest times, since the Carter administration. Why should we pay for the congressional lunches, and lavish presidential dinners, when a large percentage of Americans have to eat in soup kitchens, or homeless shelters? What makes these people so much better than US? Education? I dont think so. Or at least you cannot tell by their actions. There is no reason, for there ever to be even a threat, of a Govt shutdown. What have they done with all the $$ I have paid in? If these Wall St guys are so smart, and the President has so much faith in them, why is'nt the economy on the rebound?? I'm an idiot from Alabama, and even I know that you can't spend, what you dont have. But, the majority of Americans are sheep, and just do what they're told, without question. And, I know some poeple say, "You just dont understand how it all works". But I do understand this. If I work my entire life, pay in what I owe, I should not suffer because someone in DC needs another boat, or another home on the lake. Just refund every penny I have paid in, and I will renounce my US citizenship. Then I will become a soverign nation unto myself, apply for foreign aid, and call my new country, Patslovokia. Everyone will pay in, and nobody will recieve a dime in adi, if they are'nt willing to work, at least a little. Hmmm. Maybe I'm onto something. OK. If you're found guilty of rape, child molestation, illegal use of a firearm, or any other heinous crime, you wont spend years in prison. Hangings at noon in the square, or a bullet. Your choice. Sounds crude, does'nt it. Yeah, it was only 125 years ago that those terms were aceptable. They even hung horse thieves, then. We, or somebody, has to get control, and head US in a new direction. That's what I thought "Change", and "Forward" meant. I guess I was sadly mistaken, again.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stand Up for Yourselves

I'm more than a little pissed off about our govt. these days. I guess the economy is getting better for them, but it was never bad for them, either. I worked construction for 30 years, (until our brown brothers took it over), always paid in my fair share, never complained about it, but now I have to do tricks, just to get the little $275.00 a week that is now unemployment. I had hoped for some sort of retirement, eventually, but even that is gone. When is someone in charge going to take responsibility for screwing up? Any time I took a job from another superintendent, it was my responsibility from that day forward. Why do politicians get a free pass, and a paycheck? The best healthcare in the world, secret service protection, speaking engagements, book deals, etc. Is that not enough? We are literally starving, out here, while D.C. has lavish parties on our dime. Since I paid in over 30 years, dont I get at least 1 invitation?  No, if for no other reason, than I wont kiss their asses. It's time for Americans to say "No more for me, thanks". But the average American has become so docile, and afraid of the government, that nearly everyone says nothing. So what can we do? Stop electing officials, that we know for a fact, are thieves, and crooks. If a Senator, or Congress-person is caught embezzling, or de-frauding the taxpayers, then they should be punished, like every other criminal. The prison and jail systems are already overcrowded, what difference will a few more make? And I'm not talking about Club-Fed. Send them to Parchman in MS, or Angola in LA, or one of the Super-max pens built fot the worst of the worst. They are bad guys too, right? Just because they make the laws, should not mean they can bend them to their will. But, like I said before, Americans are sheep. Tell them where to go, what to do, and the majority will do as they are told, even if they know it's wrong. This is not 1967, we are now in 2013. Hip-Hop is the most popular form of music, nowdays. I guess it is OK that the words lady and woman have been replaced by" Bitch" and" Ho". It does'nt sound as nice, but who am I to judge? I grew up in a different America. One where respect was earned, not given. Manners meant something. Children were polite, and never dared argue with their parents.Oh, well, guess we're losing touch with reality. Just give the kids BMW's, and Mercedes for graduation, because very few have been taught the same work ethic that our generation was taught. By the way, what comes after a "Trillion"? We had better find out, if we dont know already, because it wont be long. Back to my rant.I started driving a tow truck, after the housing bubble burst, and did pretty well, until "Cash for Clunkers" came along, and the auto bailout didnt help us any, either. But I guess it's more important for 25,000 auto workers to make $68,000.00 annually, just for installing a screw, or maybe even a fender. We, as a nation, should tell our leaders that we're tired of working for someone that only takes advantage of us. Put someone in charge, who has a little common sense, and wont just blatently steal, or screw us out of our money. I'll never seeany of the SSI that I paid in, but I have to live with that.As does every other American over the age of 40. Remember, this is the "New Normal"...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm so glad the holidays are almost over. I used to really love them, but something has changed. Our economy still sucks, even though experts say it is in recovery. They're lying, as usual. Just look around. When recent immigrants are faring better than citizens, something is wrong withthe system.For instance, all the talk about the middke class. Who are these people, anyway? Anyone who makes over 200,000.00, are not middle class. If that really is true, where does that leave the rest of us? Below poverty. The average American does not know just how nany people are turning to illegal means just to make ends meet. It's almost easier to sell drugs, ir shoplift, or whatever your choice is, than to jump through the hoops required to get the little assistance that is available. But unemployment is still on the decline. Anotherr lie, but we've been told, it's the "new normal". When will we actually get the truth? When eill somebody accept the blamr, then get started fixing it? I worked inconstruction for 30 years, and if I took a job from someome who was behind, or over budget, all the heat came down on me, not the previous man in chaege. But politicians play by a different setof rules. What would happen if I wrote a $150,000.00 check on account that only had 137.00  in it?What comes after atrillion? Ten years ago, that number was unimaginable. I'm so happy I do not have any children to pass that legacy on to.  Is it really goimg to take  revolution to change things? You really hope not, but who is responsible for preventing it? The same people who created this mess. Do tou think they really care? They get their pensions, and secret service protrction, no matter what happens to us.I am looking at being homeless in about 3 months, but before I live under a bridge, Habib wpll be able to show a loss on his books, legitimately. And if I get into trouble for saying that, so be it. I wont worry about not having a brd, or meals, as bad as they may be. If I could only hit the lottery, I'd leave the country. This is not the America I grew up in.