Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm so glad the holidays are almost over. I used to really love them, but something has changed. Our economy still sucks, even though experts say it is in recovery. They're lying, as usual. Just look around. When recent immigrants are faring better than citizens, something is wrong withthe system.For instance, all the talk about the middke class. Who are these people, anyway? Anyone who makes over 200,000.00, are not middle class. If that really is true, where does that leave the rest of us? Below poverty. The average American does not know just how nany people are turning to illegal means just to make ends meet. It's almost easier to sell drugs, ir shoplift, or whatever your choice is, than to jump through the hoops required to get the little assistance that is available. But unemployment is still on the decline. Anotherr lie, but we've been told, it's the "new normal". When will we actually get the truth? When eill somebody accept the blamr, then get started fixing it? I worked inconstruction for 30 years, and if I took a job from someome who was behind, or over budget, all the heat came down on me, not the previous man in chaege. But politicians play by a different setof rules. What would happen if I wrote a $150,000.00 check on account that only had 137.00  in it?What comes after atrillion? Ten years ago, that number was unimaginable. I'm so happy I do not have any children to pass that legacy on to.  Is it really goimg to take  revolution to change things? You really hope not, but who is responsible for preventing it? The same people who created this mess. Do tou think they really care? They get their pensions, and secret service protrction, no matter what happens to us.I am looking at being homeless in about 3 months, but before I live under a bridge, Habib wpll be able to show a loss on his books, legitimately. And if I get into trouble for saying that, so be it. I wont worry about not having a brd, or meals, as bad as they may be. If I could only hit the lottery, I'd leave the country. This is not the America I grew up in.

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